Once in a Lifetime

AMK Doors satisfy not just from their masterly manufaction, but also from their exquisite material - massive Mahagony. In order to garantee your satisfaction for decades.




Thousand offers?


Thousand offers and still confused? We´re there to help you achieve "your door". Ask our designers, technicians or even our handcraftsmen. We always find a solution.


Unique Variety

Masterly manufactured, unique, massive to the core, made out of exclusive Mahagony and the only door you would recognize even from the sound when the door slams shut. 

AMK Doors - none is like the other, because every door is made by hand. Thorough choice of the wooden material and flawless manufacturing garantee highest satisfaction for decades. Unique designs and caring details provide individual notes to every door - every door is manufactured for you personnally.





Our nature, our variety of plants and natural sustainability are of major importance for us. Therefore, we only use materials from plantation supply. We thoroughly recultivate it in order our children will still have worth-living grounds of nature. 

How we do that?







The Way You Want It

You can almost implement every design, almost endless variations are provided. Get inventive! Or, you settle for our timeless beautiful basic designs.






AMK Doors are solely handmade. Of course, this consumes a bit more production time than you´re used from conventional industry production. The final consequence though is a masterpiece which you won´t find elsewhere.
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